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Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning

Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC offers a premium low pressure or non pressure roof cleaning services to Jacksonville, Florida area residents that can safely clean anything from barrel tile roofs, to asphalt shingles, to metal roofs, and even cedar shakes. Roofing contractors, and our technicians know exactly what makes your roof look aged and ugly. We are one of the area’s only CERTIFIED roof cleaning companies. The way a roof looks is not an indicator of a roof needing replacement. Many unwitting people pay for complete roof replacement, not knowing that the streaks on their roof are a destructive algae that can be safely removed.  Many roof contractors don’t want to admit that a zero pressure roof cleaning may save you thousands of dollars over the hefty expense of replacement! Hiring our certified, uniformed, professional team means a great roof cleaning experience. Call us to see about saving money, increasing your home’s value, and giving your home maximum curb appeal today.

Why Roofs Need Cleaned

As your roof ages, airborne spores from algae, moss, mold, and other contaminants land and start to grow on it’s surface. Those ugly black streaks on your roof are an algae that actually feeds on the limestone in your shingles. It’s more than just an eyesore. Over time, the algae, mold, mildew, and moss can destroy your roof shingles. When the roof starts leaking, damage to a home can be extensive and costly. Many insurance companies are threatening to cancel homeowner insurance policies for failing to keep their roof cleaned. Our climate in Jacksonville, Florida is one of the heaviest algae growth areas in the country, so it’s a good idea to have regular low pressure roof cleaning done to prolong your roof, and protect your biggest investment. In our local Jacksonville area roof cleaning is almost required to properly maintain your home and save on costly roof replacement.

Safely Clean Algae From Your Roof

The most common algae that causes ugly black streaks on roofs is gleocapsa magma, a type of blue green algae. This algae thrives on the north slopes of roofs where moisture dries slower, as well as areas where trees and other plants either hang over the roof, or come into contact with it. Extra organic matter from trees act as a food source and the additional moisture provides an ideal environment for algae.

Although often mistaken for mold or mildew, the algae growing on your roof protects itself from ultraviolet rays of the sun with a black outer covering. The spores of this algae spread through the air and by animals, landing on roofs all around. This is why it’s typical to see entire neighborhoods with blackened roofs.  When it rains, the algae are carried and spread down the roof, causing the streaks. Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC can safely remove these ugly streaks bringing your roof back to life.

Clean Moss and Lichens from Your Roof

Other threats to your roof include moss and lichens, which physically anchor into your roof. These must be killed by using the proper cleaning solutions, and then be allowed to rinse away on their own as it rains. No scrubbing, scraping, or spraying pressure of any kind is recommended to remove moss and lichens.

Anything other than non pressure roof cleaning can removes granules from your shingles, and severely shorten the life of your roof.  Things like moss and lichen can cause shingles to curl, warp, or lift. They can also cause shingles to become brittle. This can mean serious damage to your roof during heavy winds. Lichens grow into the granule layer on your roof. As they die and get washed away by weather, they take your granules with them.

Things like lichens actually grow roots into your roof substrate. They’re not just sitting on the surface, they are anchoring in deep. Be careful who you call to get rid of things like lichens growing on your roof, because forced removal can cause serious damage to your roof. Avoid further damage by calling Ultrasoft today!

A dirty roof can make a bad impression, and lower the value and appeal of your property. Whether selling, or just trying to improve curb appeal, a clean roof can make a huge impact. At the same time, dirty roofs trap heat and increase heating and cooling costs. Save money by having Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC clean your roof today.

Mfg Recommended Practices

Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC uses safe zero pressure cleaning methods to clean your roof of algae, mold, mildew, moss, and other contaminants that could damage your roof. Our roof cleaning methods use the proper detergents and algaecides to remove streaks and stains from your roof, without damaging the shingles. The non pressure roof cleaning process we use is exactly the type of cleaning recommended by ARMA, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, as well as all of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America. There are other methods of roof cleaning that claim to be eco friendly, safe for plants, and biodegradable. However, none of these methods or products are recommended by the people who actually make the shingles. Some of the chemicals used in these “bio friendly” cleaners can actually be extremely dangerous, and can harm your roof’s shingles, or people who contact them. Some roof cleaners are using chemicals that can strip paint, damage the drip edge and fascia of your home, or destroy the integrity of your roofing system.

No Pressure Roof Cleaning

We use only low pressure or non pressure roof cleaning methods, and the right cleaners and detergents as recommended by roofing product manufacturers. This ensures your roof is cleaned safely and properly.

In some areas we service around Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, and the beaches, many neighborhood HOA’s require regular roof cleaning. This not only keeps property values and curb appeal as high as possible, it also keeps airborne spores from spreading around the neighborhood. Algae spores spread in the wind, from roof to roof. Keeping your roof clean, helps keep your neighborhood clean too. Let’s face it. If your roof is covered in black streaks, mold, lichens, or moss, it needs to be cleaned by someone who knows what’s wrong, and how to fix it without causing further damage. Call us today at (904) 304-0810 and have one of our technicians provide you a free quote for cleaning. We guarantee great results, and we guarantee to save you a ton of money over replacement. Don’t wait, call us today, or click the button below now.