Two Men Hospitalized – Dangers of Cleaning Roofs

Two men drove themselves to the hospital following multiple explosions in Mooroobool, a city in Australia. Apparently the two men mixed “chlorine”, as the article calls it, with some other type of chemical and caused a reaction followed by a violent explosion.

Many people incorrectly think roof cleaning is unskilled labor. This is a great example of how wrong that thinking really is. The dangers of hiring just any old Joe to clean your roof are made readily apparent by this incident.

The men involved in this incident are lucky to be alive, and could have possibly suffered permanent injuries. Those injuries could be from the explosion itself, and even from exposure to the chemicals. Simply breathing in roof cleaning chemicals can land you in the hospital!

The sad thing is, this is not the first incident. This has happened before, killing one man, and will happen again. As long as people opt for the budget roof cleaner, there will be accidents of this nature. You can check out the article about this roof cleaning incident by CLICKING HERE.

Roof cleaning is dangerous work. There is risk of falling, risk of chemical exposure, risk associated with using ladders, and being around electrical lines as well. Traversing roofs is not easy work, and without proper fall protection, could be fatal.

In this case, the problem is inexperienced amateurs mixing chemicals in unapproved and down right dangerous fashion. The chemical in question is likely sodium hypochlorite, many people know as “chlorine” or “bleach”. This cleaner is powerful and should be handled with extreme caution.

Sodium hypochlorite can be extremely dangerous if mixed with acids. If mixed in a container and then sealed shut, the concoction can explode and cause serious damage up to and including death.

Hiring the wrong roof cleaning company could turn out very bad. Not only are the chemicals used dangerous, but they can be deadly when used improperly. Having someone clean a roof costing thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars shouldn’t be taken lightly. This isn’t the area where the lowest price is the best bargain.

The chemicals used for roof cleaning can cause serious damage if handled improperly. Using the wrong processes and equipment can cause irreparable damage to your roof as well.

Before hiring someone for cleaning your roof, check out their credentials. Have they been certified in roof cleaning? Have they had any formal training on the types of chemicals used, properly and safely accessing roofs, and protecting your property in the process? Do they carry insurance that protects your property? In the incident above, a lot of damage to the home was sustained by the so called roof cleaners.

Roof cleaning isn’t a cheap service to acquire. The costs involved directly reflect the dangers and risks involved with roof cleaning. Before you hire anyone to clean your Jacksonville, Florida roof call Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC today. We are the only RCIA certified roof cleaning company in Jacksonville, Florida. We’re also members of the UAMCC and have their certification for roof cleaning as well.

Our zero pressure processes for cleaning roofs meet and exceed those recommended by both roofing manufacturers, and these two great national organizations. We have the experience, training, and proper processes to clean your roof without damage, and without the worry of someone being severely hurt.

Roofs are expensive to repair or replace if cleaned improperly, and lives can’t be replaced. Hire a competent roof cleaning company today. Call Ultrasoft 904-304-0810 for all of your roof cleaning needs in Jacksonville, Florida.

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